Lines and limits

July 16, 2014

As I grow older, it appears that my eyesight gets worse. I have trouble seeing clear lines, limits and borders. More and more, the world is growing into a single image in which colours and shapes blend and fade into each other. This has some useful aspects (when I take off my glasses, everyone’s wrinkles disappear), but it also has an impact on many different aspects. I can no longer see the clear barrier between right and wrong, black and white: the world becomes shades of grey.

I cannot see who has the absolute, God-given right and who are the horrible people trying to destroy their neighbours between the Israeli and Palestinian nations. From my blurred point of view, they both have good reasons, but have made stupid, aggressive mistakes.

I am not able to see why the European Union is so bad or so good. I cannot understand where is the principle that determined that we should have the benefits but only others should have the burden of membership.

I cannot see why London is good and Europe is bad (if you are English) or why London is bad and Europe is good (if you are Scottish).

I don’t appear to see the lines which are so firmly established between the good political parties and the evil ones, between the good religious beliefs and the evil ones.

I also am not able to identify who are the good guys who, encouragingly, follow their management’s instructions, and who are the “brown-nosers” who jump and do whatever their management says. I am not able to comprehend why management is good/bad or why the workforce is bad/good.

I do not understand the line which separates the need to follow the rules and the need to recommend and implement improvements.

When my children were two or three years old, they always asked “why” about anything. I am now reaching the same point.

Why are you doing something which has no value?
Why are you not doing something which your colleagues need?
Why are you bombing these people?
Why do you believe that your old religious text is right or gives you rights over the rest of the world?
Why do you want more frontiers?
Why do you want to separate yourself from other nations?
Why don’t you want to learn from the discoveries and wisdom of others?
Why don’t you want to share your progress with those who could learn from it?

Maybe it is my work in culture change, quality assurance and continuous improvement which is effecting my mind as much as my old eyes.


One comment

  1. Why?…well, logic stops only where the “human factor” kicks in.

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