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Mandela – a lesson

December 7, 2013

The world is mourning the death of Nelson Mandela. He is apparently respected by people of all walks of life, rich and poor, every race, every country, everywhere. He is remembered as someone who reached out to those who hurt him, promoting peace and reconciliation and is possibly the only politician to be so universally loved and regretted.

Maybe this could be used as a recommendation for all those politicians who are seeking their place in history through anger, ridicule and pointless attacks on the “other side”. Republicans and Democrats, Labour and Conservatives, Left and Right… look: the man actually reached out a hand of friendship, forgiveness and collaboration; he did not continuously accuse the “other side” for being responsible for everything that was wrong in the world while claim responsibility for all that is good. He was humble, honest, straight speaking and appeared to care more about people than his own career.

He is loved like no other politician in history.

A lesson to be learned? or a lesson lost?

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